Achieving Better Channel Reception with Your Antenna

Modified on Tue, 28 Nov 2023 at 04:26 AM

When it comes to TV reception, facing issues in grabbing your favorite channels is a common challenge. The main problems usually circle around not having strong enough signals. This happens because you might be too far from where the shows are transmitted, there could be obstructions blocking the signals, or your antenna might not be in the best spot, causing weak signals.

If your indoor antenna isn't pulling in the channels like it should, check out the troubleshooting guide below to fix the problem.

1. ADTH Box Troubleshooting:

a. Ensure the ADTH box has the latest software version.

b. Check that the coaxial cable is securely connected to the ADTH box.

c. Restart the ADTH box by unplugging its power for about 10 seconds. This step will help to reset some settings.

2. Double-Rescan Procedure:

a. Disconnect the antenna from the ADTH box.

b. Run a channel scan to clear any existing channel data.

c. Reconnect the antenna and perform a second channel scan.

Tip: Check Scanning for channels for more information.

3. Antenna Adjustment and Relocation:

a. Move the antenna to minimize interference from electronic devices.

b. If necessary, relocate the antenna closer to a window for better signal reception.

c. After relocating, perform the double-rescan process again.

Tip: Check Antenna Web to find the TV transmission towers in your area. Position the antenna towards these towers for a better digital TV signal.

5. Consider Upgrading Antennas:

a. Explore alternative indoor digital antennas designed for optimal TV signal capture.

b. Optionally, invest in a new outdoor antenna for enhanced reception quality.

Tip: Consult Antenna Web for accurate outdoor antenna recommendations based on your address.

6. Amplify Your Antenna (If Necessary):

a. Experiment with amplifying your digital TV signal. While it may not guarantee a fix for every reception issue, it's worth a try if your signal is weak but present.

b. If you're unable to pick up any signal or the quality remains very weak, amplification may not be the solution. In such cases, consider investing in an outdoor antenna as an alternative.

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