How to use the DVR function

Modified on Thu, 30 Nov 2023 at 04:12 AM

The DVR function has been added to the Beta version, here are the instructions and steps on how to use it. (for version

External Storage

1. It is recommended to use an SSD (Solid State Drive). If using an HDD (Hard Disk Drive), external power is required.
2. Please ensure that the hard drive is formatted in FAT32.

3. Connect the hard drive to the ADTH box.

4. Navigate to Settings > General > DVR storage priority location.

5. Select your device as the storage priority location.

Note: There is no minimum space requirement for the external hard drive, but based on experience, a 60-minute 1080p recording requires 2.5GB of space. Please choose a hard drive size that suits your recording needs.

Start Recording

1. In the Channels page, play the program you want to record. Press the red button on the remote control to start recording.


2. Confirm the storage location and start recording

3. There are three recording durations to choose from: 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes. Select the duration you want to record.


4. The recording will start immediately. There will be a recording symbol in the upper left corner of the program you are recording.



5. Press OK again to enter full-screen mode.


6. You can watch different channels on the same frequency simultaneously while the program is being recorded. However, if you switch to a different frequency channel, the end-of-recording message will pop up. Choose whether you want to continue the recording or not.


7. If you want to end the recording early, press the red button again to end the recording.


8. Recorded programs will be saved in the Recording page in the sidebar.


9. Select to play the clip you want to watch. (Fast Forward and Pause are not yet supported).


10. Long-press the OK button to delete unwanted recordings.


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